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Barrow Farm Clips 30/5/2010


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Just a couple of clips i got today, sorry about the hedge trimmer in the background :P was also pritty hungover but rode good :)

No music, no special editing(im crap at it anyway) I hate how things look so much smaller on film :( i also find my gaps always look smaller compared with most other peoples videos because i gap pointing straight and dont sit on the takeoff at an angle :(

Cheers to MrRankin for filming.

Poor quality i think the camra was zoomed in slightly+ crap lense

Edited by Toby
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Cheers guys :) As for the silent brake its to do with my rim/abit of dust, im using the new type magura mounts which hold the slave cylinders straight, and the Onza pro diamond sidewalls are not straight if you get what i mean \_/ <- like that instead of |_|

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