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Help With Bb Length


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I have mashed my BB and am looking in to buying a new one. Does anyone know the BB length of an Adamant A3 Short? I know I should remove my BB and look but I don't have the tool to do it with, but it's being ordered :)

Many thanks,


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If the current BB is the right length you don't need to remove it from the frame to get all the measurements you need from it. Taking the cranks off will allow you to measure the BB axle length (If it's an ISIS and you don't have the cranks off, measure the axle length you can see and add 32mm (ISIS splines are usually 16mm long if my memory serves me correctly) to get the total axle length. The BB shell length is the length of the tube the BB is screwed into in the frame and will be 68 or 73mm on most bikes. If you're happy with the chainline and crank clearance on your current setup buy the same size BB again...

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