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Tyketrial Weekender At Brimham


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This one is aimed at tyketrial members and anyone who rides trials realy. I am wanting to get a rough idea how many riders are attending. If you aint attending why not. Three years ago this was my first trial competition, having been a street rider for years and i aint stopped since. Its such a great venue with grippy rocks for all abilitys. Its a great place to try competitions as the saturday is more fun based with a mess about with plenty of riders everywhere followed by a bonfire and a few beers. Then on sunday its a club trial. If you fancy it check out the tyketrial website or message me on here. The more riders the better the event. Any comments welcome, ways we can improve anything. Cheers neil. (Y)

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Im pretty sure ill be coming but i have two questions:

Why is there no online entry?

On the entry form it says no day membership. Just wondered why? Im sure a few of my friends who dont do comps would be interested in coming just for the "fun" day.

Besides that it all sounds great.

Thanks, Carl

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It's all to do with admin and insurances mate to be honest. The event is also subbed by the club if the total money raised by entries doesn't cover the event it comes out of club funds. That's why day membership doesn't apply to this event. You can become a club member online I think and you can also download the entry form fill it in and post it off at a total cost of 30 quid. I don't think that's bad for what you get. A years mbership for all events and a fantastic weekend riding with a great group of riders. I love it ha. Hope this helped. Any more probs or questions let me no. Cheers

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