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In Trouble For Riding ?

tiger  rider

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Ok i give up there is nowhere to ride in this little village (Great Eccleston) there's a little square with some good places to ride for a beginner ,like me, and i just got told not to ride here by some grumpy stranger, i might as well only ride the bike at comps. Who else has been told off for riding in places? :angry:

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Everybody gets told off for riding, it's just part of riding street really.

Go explore further afield, you'll probably find something else somewhere quiet. Or if you live anywhere rural go looking at natural, Natural is a lot of fun and 99% of the time nobody is around to try to move you along :)

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If he's not wearing a fluro jacket just ignore him and carry on.


you have as much right to be there as they have ;)

Don't listen to this - whether or not you're damaging anything, there's no point in creating yourself more hassle. As was said in a recent thread that was exactly the same, this will mean you've got to hunt out good places to ride so it's double win: you don't don't end up giving the sport a bad name, and you manage to find new and exciting obstacles to ride (Y)

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