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Fort William


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Hey guys,

Just wondered who might be going to Fort William this weekend? I'm going up representing Dirt (RPRZNT and all that jazz) and thought it might be good to skive off for a beer with a TFer at some point and watch some sections or something.

Let me know and we'll meet up (Y)

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I live here and have nothing on, thanks for reminding me... huge street party on saturday night in the town itself for the event too, live bands, all that jazz :)

How many of you guys are heading up? :)

I'm headin up in convoy with Neil Robinson, Ross Clayton, Ryan Crisp and the Carthys. Can't wait!

Dirt magazine is having a party for the 100th issue on the Saturday night in the Ben Nevis Inn - pop in for a beer and if you're early enough I might be able to sort you out with a freebie (Y) I'll be the good looking one propping the bar up :D

EDIT: Freebie being beer, f**k all that free grips malarky.

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I'm planning on going up on Saturday afternoon sometime with a guy from work and chris from Glasgow (if I can get through to him..). Was gonna head out on the lash Saturday night and watch the downhill/trials on the Sunday..can't wait!!

Anyone wanna meet up give us a ding 07752234458

gonna be aaawesome!


Edit- just read the Ben Nevis inn thing.. Sounds good (Y)

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Finally back on a computer properly after a mental weekend. Danny Mac turned up at our party - legend! I was a bit pissed...

post-497-051197800 1276158109_thumb.jpg

EDIT: Actually a little bit of my pissedness was down to Danny - he was one of many sorting out the shots that night!

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