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'nother Marino


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Hey hey,

Haven't ridden a bike for about 4 years and decided to build up something a bit different than I was used to before.

Marino 24" Inspired Geo

Bunch of donated parts

Bunch of Tarty, Echo and Trialtech parts

Federal grips

I've never had more fun on a bike, and all I've done since building it earlier today is ride out of the front of my building, do a 360 and hop up a curb. Then I got the lift back up to my flat and sat on the couch watching CSI and uploading pictures.

Phone pics.. sorry. It's actually a really nice chocolate brown and that seat is 'olive' not just crappy phone picture green. I might go get some proper pics in daylight sometime soon.



I know you've seen it all before but I love the detail on these parts. Last time I rode trials all we had was 'burns and tensiles.


Thanks to whoever first thought up the spoke tensioner idea it's ace!!


Now someone come and ride Manchester!!!!!!! Ta!

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Oooooh did you say Manchester?

Whereabouts? 3 or 4 of us meet at Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative next to the Curry Mile on Tuesdays and ride down Oxford Road to the centre.

That said, uni is nearly finished and I'm going back down South after that...

Bike looks sick :)

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Good sick? ;)

I live in Stockport at the moment so if you're about any time between now and uni-finishing day give me a buzz. It'd be grand to come out for at least one ride before I forget I ever bought the thing!

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Looks lush dude, nice work! Not 100% on the colours but if that's down to the pictures then that's down to the pictures!

Shorter stem for big points though, think I have one spare if it's any use to you?

nice bike!

what fork is that?

where could i find some instrsuctions on how to do one of those spoke tensioners?

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Yeah it's not perfectly colour coordinated but it does look ace in real life. Again most of it was down to what I could get cheap or free. The stem is a tad long but the bar and stem wee donated so I can't be picky. Saying that, it actually feels really tight and responsive with that stem on there, it's not really as long as it looks. I'll start tailoring the feel of it when money starts trickling in but for now it rides like a muther hubbard!!

Zoster I think there are a few how to and close up shots of people's spoke tensioners around the forum. I just worked it our for myself. All I did was clip the hooked end into one of the rear mech cable lugs, wrap it round the wheel axle and then kinked it in to be in line with the chain. Works brilliantly!


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