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Can A Hope Moto V2 Front Disk Brake Be Used For Trials


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As the title says. Ive got a mono trial already with 180mm rotor but can get this one pretty cheap. Got no idea about the moto stuff. This pic is the one i can get. Its a 203mm rotor, but

1. is the lever clamp the same as a normal trials clamp (eg, like a mono trial)

2. obviosuly need an adaptor to fit our forks...is there such an adaptor to fit something like, say a trialtch fork? Ive got new mist forks which, like the trialtech ones are +20mm mounts (good for a 180mm rotor). I just got some +20 adaptors from tartys thinking my mists werent +20s, but they are so i can run 200mm now if i want....but prob wont unless i can get this v2 moto to work. If it CAN work, would i still need to run this +20mm adaptor plus adaptor to make it work with our forks?.....seems like a mess either way and lots of weight lol. Any pros/cons compared to a mono trial? weight etc? anyone running a setup like this?


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I think the moto lever is only slightly different, if anything I would say it is probably better as the lever blade on them looks much longer so you get a better leverage on the brake.

Is the moto caliper you are looking at an actual 200mm one? if it is you won't get an adaptor as correct me if im wrong you would need a minus 20mm one to run a 200mm rotor on a +20mm fork?? This all depends on whether or not the caliper is machine for a 200mm rotor and not an adaptor to run 200mm

I haven't seen a moto V2 in a while but I always liked the look of the lever and I think when my mono trial lever gets bashed up enough I will swap it out for the full moto body.


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so no real benefit of this moto to a mono trial? are they old or as current as the current mono trials? Not sure about the mounts. My mist forks are +20 so good for a 180mm. I bought a +20 adaptor thinking they werent +20 forks but i was wrong (guess i can run 200 now) but is there any real benefit of a 200 on a stock bike, or is it just a waste of weight....mounts on the piston are different as well so he has a isis mount for them to convert. Seems im talking myself out of it lol

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