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Onza Blade (Gold Parts)


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Gold bashplate comin on monday. Dunno bout a new gold front wheel though, I am due a new wheel cos the one on there is 3 years old.

especially what with all them gaps to front :P sorry i didn't get out tonight bummer i'm super mega turbo ill

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Looks so nice mate, hopefully see you out on it tomorrow, if you decide to come to Lincoln.

well i doubt ill be out unless i can skank a bashplate for the day

(edit) dean said he will bring me one in the morning so im gunna ride lincoln tomoroo

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Nice one am getting the train in that gets in for 12 if you wanna get the same one. I have to go to karls first to pick up my bike.

im on the 12.37 arriving at 1.05. dyou know what time pegglers out?

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