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Wow the beast is finally built! Love the color scheme, and the MIST forks really did suit your color scheme :).

If anyone's is interested in more info or more pics of the MIST forks, check out the link in my signature ;).

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Lovin it, saw your post about the forks a few weeks ago an was dubious but that does look very nice!

Reminds me of my old integra type r when I was gonna get a carbon fibre spoiler an just have the top of it painted so you could see the lovely carboness (real word?!) but not look out of place!

Would love a trip to oz myself for a bit of sunny, chilled out riding, especially on that!

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nah rubber queen isnt whit, its my fave but for clearance on this frame ur mounting ur axle pretty far back....dont like the idea of getting too far back, (getting cracked dropout images in my mind) and thats where im gettin probs with chain tension. Its still rideable for now even though the rear wheel doesnt spin freely, just need to spend a few hours to stretch it out then should be right tension. If I stick a halflink on its too loose.

Regarding the mist forks, they look the goods I reckon, and the geo is exact same as the tryalls which I think is why they are gonna be popular. Pretty stiff. If anyone is interested in them, hit Wil up at trialsden.com Might be far for some because hes local, but hes a champ (Y)

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Looks absolutely amazing! You still have the Inspired too? You have two of the sickest bikes ever.

nah I flogged the inspired off....really wanted to get back to a stock. Inspired was fun I gotta admit, but i wanted a stock for a long time. later in the year I might build up another inspired or a custom geo marino ill see. For now this is my bitch

little off topic, but are 1/8" chains alot stronger than 3/32" BUT still stretch quite a bit? I think I wanna change the chain already. Havent had much of a chance to ride these past few night to stretch the chain out but after 2nd pedal kick last night SNAP bang goes my trialtech lite 3/32. Fixed, gonna take it for an easy ride tonight for stretch but i just cant b assed having to stretch a new chain all over again too often later.....

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