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Weight Measuring

trials owns

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yo everyone,

right now i have got a weight hook thing and want to measure the weight of my bike, but not sure what the best accurate way is to do this. every time i do it one end lifts up and the other doesn't. i gave it a little hand lifting it up but the measurement of my onza t-bird came out as 18kg. i dont think that is right because standard its something like 12kg and have got a lot of lighter parts and a hell of a lot lighter that my mates standard t-bird.

can u help please?


EDIT reading the scales wrong! its just about 8kg.......sorry

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So, you want to weigh your bike with a hook, but it keeps touching the floor when you lift it up?

Have you tried... lifting it up higher? Stand on something and lift it up, or hang the thing from the ceiling, which is what they do at the bikeshop in town.

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