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I'm New! :d


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hello I'm Billy and I need to be validated!

I live in Devon and ride a Onza t-pro with Try-all Froxx an echo sl rear brake and more.

also not many people ride trials in my area so if anyone lives in the north Devon area give us a buzz and we mite be able to meet up :D

If you can validated me it would make me a very happy person :giggle:



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Thanks :lol:

why shouldn't I ask? :unsure:

It's just the rules, plus some people who are just "oh one word spelt wrong, NO WAY" will think that asking is terrible, i will admit its a bit desperate because if members want to validate you its their own choice, you shouldnt have to ask. And also, spell words as good as you can. Have fun on the forum (Y)

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Thanks laugh.gif

why shouldn't I ask? unsure.gif

Cause you don't get validated for asking, you should get validated for making good posts which either help people out or show true interest in a subject rather than someone posting in the hope of being validated.

When I signed up I didn't care about being validated, just wanted to get my head round the forum, the parts available and learn about where cycle trials was at after being out of it for such a long time and before I knew it I was a full member.

Just out of interest have you read the guidelines?

Not having a go or owt just so you know!

That made me cry sad.gif. I post loads and have not asked once to be a validated and im still pre member then this guy comes along and asks and gets validated instantly. thumbdown.gif Not cool.

Why I gave you a vote from one of your earlier posts, then read another one tonight and tried voting again cause I forgot I already had done!

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