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Tpa Stripping


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can anyone lend a hand on the tpa front as im beginning to get rather annoyed having to keep buying tpa kits

so in this thread could people please inform me or show pictures of homemade tpa bodges on an 07 hs33


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I have found that TPAs only get stripped with poor maintenance/set up and when I previously ran magura I sometimes never used it at all because I did't need too.

You should make sure you have a really good bleed first then set up your pads as square and as close as possible to the rim. If you do that then you should be fine, unless your pads are severely worn. Without a good bleed or close set up you will be relying on the TPA too much to make your brake work causing it to strip.

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Check the pushrod from the TPA dial for chipped threads - these will chew the threads on new TPA knobs. The Magura standard TPA knob has metal threads inside it, so it's not as weak as it looks.

I posted a good while back with details of how to make a replacement for this part - basically just get threaded bar and file flats on it (See: http://www.trials-forum.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=146246&st=0&p=2050704&hl=Magura&fromsearch=1&#entry2050704). Threaded bar is softer than the OEM Magura part, which makes it less prone to cracking. You can also make the replacement part about 1 mm thicker across the flats and it will still fit the lever, so there will be more thread contact area to carry the load.

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