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Guest hellokittyzhan

Let me share my experience with the vibram five fingers.

They are very comfortable after the first few days (two first days you feel a few adjusting pains)

I really want to use this always. Can’t wait to get out of work to wear them.

Brings freedom to your toes, get's you "connected to the earth"

In the beginning of this thread I was so curious that I went to their site.

Five minutes later found a shop and got them.

Luckily i have a semi-perfect fit with the size 41 (26cm foot)

Very nice.

I would like to see people share interesting products and so functional.

I was reluctant to spend 90€ on a piece of rubber, but it paid off.

When I take off my normal shoes i notice that the fingers are all joined and almost overlapping.

When i take off the "five fingers" the fingers are straight and individually spaced in a more natural position.

Good Health.

My linkwww.cheapwholesale4you.com

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