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Testers Required For New Trials Website


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Hullo all. I've been off work ill today so I've knocked up a quick site for trials riders. I'd just like a few (5) of you to volunteer to test it and lemme know what you think.

Just post a reply here with:

Your age

Your PC/browser setup

Internet experience (i.e. 'I build websites for a living' or 'I use the Internet to look up homework')


You must have pictures of you riding hosted on the Internet (Flickr, tinypic etc)

You must be okay starting afresh with a new user account once the site goes live. All content you input will be deleted once testing is done.

So if you fancy it just leave a reply.






EDIT: This is nothing difficult, and it's to test the website, not you guys.

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Age: 20

Pc / Browser setup: Macbook pro 15" / Safari

Experience: Built a few websites, use internet for forums etc.

I don't have pictures of me riding trials, but i have pictures i have taken of people jumping?

Hope i can still help out.

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Desktop has a 28" monitor at 1920x1200, netbook is 10.2" at 1024x600, (presume you want opinions of different screen sizes?), and I've got all versions of IE, Opera, Chrome, Safari and FF.

For the moment I build websites for a living...

Have you built the back end for this then Harry?

EDIT: If/when you want me to stick my pictures and that up, would you mind texting/twittering/facebooking me? I'll forget to check back here. :P

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Sod it I'll give it a go if you want

Your age 27

Your PC/browser setup Acer laptop 4gig ram running Windows 7

Internet experience Not quite web design but lots of computer experience (youporn, redtube, etc, etc...)

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Age: 25

PC: Custom built, twin gfx card gaming rig, running win 7 ultimate and firefox

Internet experience: 4 years as a server administrator and technical advisor for Nima E-Sports, 4 years running my own gaming clan website plus 3 game servers, Flash trained, 2 years as a self employed graphics artist, alot of experienced with phpnuke website/forum, fluent in TCL scripting language for eggdrop bots. Alot more, cba to type it all up, lol!

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I can use either Macbook running Firefox or hp compaq nx7400 running Chrome.

used to build websites, don't do so much now. I do sort out peoples online marketing though, so know a fair bit on that side.

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