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My Motorbike Crash At Hook Woods

Balls Deep trials team

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This is my crash at hookwoods when i mucked up a section and ended up jumping off sand moutain

The damage was a twisted and snapped front wheel ans some broken mudguards,

and all that happed to me was some stiches in my knee where i kneed the handlebar clamps

enjoy :)

my front wheel

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Anybody that has been to hook woods will know how big a drop that was .

Damn man, it looked big. Major respect for carrying on with trials and actually having the balls to try something dangerous lol

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Hell of a drop.

Any injuries to yerself and what happened?

Well i had a few x-rays but nothing was found

Just had a gash in my knee where it went all the way to my knee cap but that got stiched back up

The bike was worse off as the other link shows my front wheel

I did want to finish the trial on my other bike but my dad wouldnt let me as he thort i would brake that one to :)

when i was just about to drop off the rock at the top my bash plate hit the rock which sent my back wheel in the air and i had no control of the bike and i was just moving closer to the edge and i felt i was gonna fall down anyways so as soon as my back wheel touched the ground i revved up and dumped the cluch and went for it (thinking i could land it ) no a good idea :)

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