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Video With Gilles Coustellier, Giacomo Coustellier And Vincent Hermanc


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A new video by Nicolas Marsac was on Trial Inside

The pilots: Gilles Coustellier, Giacomo Coustellier, Vincent Hermance on the French Cup

Video French Cup Trial Inside


Frank Chastel

Trial Inside

Giles - 1 dab

Giacomo - 5 dabs

Vincent - 13 dabs

Big difference!!

Good video. Enjoyed that!

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Thanks for the post.

Yes, for us it's very exciting to made competition's video rapidly.

Hope Nicolas Marsac can made lot of like that this year.

And i hope i can give us more news about Trial Inside video project soon.


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I really could watch them all day. Does anyone know what pads Gilles is using on the back and front?

Gilles uses Coust pads. Same pads Giaco uses front and rear. However Gilles said he is contracted by Koxx to use some of their pads so he has to use Koxx Yellows on the front but he would prefer to use Coust because he says that they're better.

Coust pads are available here, they just got a delivery of them Trials Den. Their shipping is very reasonable too so don't be discouraged by where the shop is!

I just bought some coust pads from them, BEST PADS EVER. I have been running them for years and tried TNN, Koxx, Heatsink and others. I havnt tried new TNN beleay, but everything else is pretty crap compared to Coust.

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