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Echo Tr Pads


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Actually i take that back please dont validate me. ill just add it on here and im sure someone will be as helpful enough to copy it over with me.

So here goes.

First pull of the brake they stopped this was at almost not moving but they slipped at first then stuck to the rim, i had to pull them off. Next use was upon going down a hill no more then 30 meters long, just at the top i thought before i go faster i will try them, to which they did not stop me. So i try pulling a little harder now along with my back brake as i am on a hill and starting to gain speed even when trying to stop. Again this did nothing at all which is when i had to revert completly to the back brake which has a harsh grind on and jamming my foot on the tyre.

The pictures you see is the result, they were set up pretty good and as im sure you all know a hs 33 pad can move and does not stay ridgid straight so once it has dragged on the rim it will stay dragging like that.

Now this morning i spoke to tarty bikes and as usual were very helpful not asking for my money back or anything they had seen the thread and asked me to send them back. Which I am happy to do so for them to have a look for themselves he even apologized to me to which i replied that he had nothing to be sorry for! I understand a smooth rim pad is likley to be sticky but not to stop you in the first place thats a bit of an issue. I also understand that they will not be very good in feathering down a hill situation and agree that a disc would be much better in this situation.

I hope this clears some things up for you I very much respect every one has their own opinions and decisions on everything. The attitude that the thread has taken I find a little odd as at no point I have said these pads are shit im more curious to know if its a defect or that it was purley bad luck/ignorance. So no need for any claws!



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