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Ali C - Brakeless (High Quality!)

Mark W

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Cool - well, here it is. Filmed over 3 weekends in February-March ('cos it was too dark after work to film at any other time :P), this is Ali's first experiments with riding brakeless. The video's been put off for a while, so it's only just getting released now.

High quality version's up now, click \/

Inspired's media page.

First video I've filmed and edited, so any constructive criticism's welcomed (Y)

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Absolutely insane.

I can't believe you haven't realised but if you put the quality from 320 to 720 it might help :L

Youtube took forever to actually make it the higher qual version - it was some poop quality before that was really, really bad...

Cheers for the comments though (Y)

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honestly I haven't been a huge fan of neither 24" nor brakeless trials riding, but this video is pretty mindblowing!! I didn't think that some of that stuff was even possible brakeless! nevertheless I hope ali doesn't stop riding 26", since I loved his 26" style aswell!! long story short: awesome riding, awesome video!!

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