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Onza Comp + Bmx


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Went out on the comp the other day for the first time in nearly 4 months and got an up to date pic so thought I'd share and there's also a pic of my bmx... both slightly modified but the comp more so than the bmx.

Had plenty of fun on the trials bike but the weight difference took abit of getting used to... Should be out on it abit more now and may even film a mixed video on them at somepoint. Apologies for the shoddy pics.




frame: onza comp 2010. Modified (hose guides removed, disc tab removed, internal routing, bash mounts removed)

forks:echo urban '10's. (disc tab removed)

stem: TMS high rise

Headset: hope enduro

bars: V!Z PRO + entensions - TrialTech foamies

Cranks: Echo 7075 175mm

BB: Try-All 122.5

Pedals: Try-all VP single cage

Front wheel: TrialTech SL rim + Hope mono hub + mutiny DB spokes alu nips. Kenda SB8 tyre, nobbles trimmed.

Rear wheel: Try-All hOles rim + Chris King BMX hub + Mutiny DB spokes alu nips. Maxxis creepy crawler, nobbles trimmed.

(Front and rear rims ground, drilled, hack saw slots on the sidewalls)

Front brake: 09 HS-33 4 finger + Echo TR clamps + TNN CNC backings with ROCK BLUES + Hope braided crossover + alu TPA + water bleed.

Rear Brake : 09 HS-33 4 finger + Echo TR clamps + ROCK BLUE CNC's + Monty splitter + water bleed + Alu TPA. Custom Titanium booster.

Various ti/alu bolts throughout.




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