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Finding It Hard To Sidehop On A 24"

the mysterious leemur

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You just need to get used to the different body position. Give it some time and keep practising.

Thanks for the help guys , I'll try putting on a mod stem tomorrow and see how that feels . I was thinking maybe that it was just a needed to get adjusted wasn't sure though since I have found every move I have tried easier (ie. gaps , front to backs , sidehop the rear , hooks ect )

I'm ordering some stuff from Tarty tomorrow so I might pick up a stem :D

Bloody mod always seems to break when I want to use it :(

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Stick with your 24inch give it time. I run mines with a tarty stem and it has to be the nicest bike I've owned from all the stocks and mods i have had and I can ride it just as well if not bigger.

As people have side put a higher stem on it :)

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