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Drilling Undrilled Wheels.

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Just curious as to if it's safe/wise to drill a wheel that's undrilled?

I've noticed quite a few people extended an already drilled rim, or drilling the sides of one that's drilled.

But is it actually wise/safe to do it to a completely standard wheel?

Also if so, what's the best/easiest/safest way of doing it to ensure even holes, without bending the rim?

And what size of holes roughly would people recommend?

It's for an Onza T-Pro.

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takes more time than it would to earn the money for better rims...

I mainly want to do it for the experience of doing it, plus I've never had holed rims, think it would look a bit better, and obviously lighter too.

I'm looking at having a wheel built and stuff from Tarty or if someone has one on here, so not too bothered if it goes right or wrong, just wanted some advice :)

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