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Spoke Nipples


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I'm thinking building my new set of wheels with red alloy as they weigh a fraction of the weight of brass ones they come in Colors but how much weaker are they than the brass ones as I'm not the smoothest of riders and a bit of a fat lad if I'm honest, your advice appreciated

Also heard they round easy

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They only round easy if you do it wrong or have a shit spoke key.

Only used alloy nipples on my wheels for the past 2-3 years and I haven't had a single issue, on my trials bikes, my 24 and my BMX. I have my spoke tensions pretty high (too high), and even with that tension, lots of hard sideways landing and general bashing I'm still yet to break one.

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if you don't get alloy you're a fool.

I build wheels every day (usually 10 a day) and I am a huge fan of alloy nipples. I've found that brass nipples being a harder material can bind easier as all the small imperfections of the spoke and nipple rub together and cause friction. With alloy nipples the softer alloy actually "gives way" and gives a smoother turn and higher tension.

I've never snapped or rounded one in years of using them and my current alloy nipples are a year or two old and in their 4th wheel build now.

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