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San Francisco Dreamin' - Gt Welcomes Kenny Belaey

Miles Mallinson

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Blimey ! Kenny just keeps gettin' better and in terms of fitness and dedication / focus is surely a world class athlete .Between this and Andy T's Los Angeles vid ,Mr.Belaey should visit the new world more often .G.T has a tentative history in trials by getting behind Hans Rey in ancient history but it's still rare to see a mainstream manufacturer even recognise trials as a discipline let alone actually market a bike / frame .I guess for the time being Kenny's on a rebadged Monty stock but yeah,that little street bike -was that a G.T ?

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Now that is some major skill right there, what a video! Him or danny mac, HIM! and that foot jam on the thin wall, thats skill right there!

Lol at the last clip too :P

footjam on the wall was kinda lame..that tipe of lame footjam whip is not the good looking one..

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I think my favourite line in that video was the roll up to 180 to tire tap off right at the start.

Overall i loved the video, it was really good. Some bits i wasnt too sure about, however the balancing at the end was nice..."oh ill just scratch my nose" haha

not quite as funny an accent as Hans....but close :)

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