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The 'how Many Bikes Can You Fit In A Car' Game


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After seeing this on facebook


Thought we could play a game for fun. How many bikes can you fit in your car? Take a picture for evidence/lols. The rules are:

1) The bikes must need minimal assembly. This means taking 1 wheel out, both pedals off and (if you want) the bar/stem combo. Having a load of bikes in several thousand parts doesn't count.

2) Obviously car size is a factor so car's will be grouped as follows: Hatchback (corsa, punto, fiesta etc) saloon (406, mondeo. Ill put berlingo etc in here too), estate (yeah you should know what that is) and van.

3) Bikes must be INSIDE including all parts. Components on passengers ALLOWED.

4) Rear visibility is NOT a requirement.

5) Bonus points for extra passengers able to travel

6) No prizes. Just usual internet glory

7) Its fun, if you don't want to take part f*ck off

8) Also extra prizes for ingenuity...

Ill start the ball rolling with an estate entry:



I got 3 passengers (4 people) and 3 bikes

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