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I've Got A Problem


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Pretty much... I have a Sony vaio, 3/4 years old. It worked fine before I went on holiday (apart from the battery not charging up very well at all), I shut it down and pulled the charger out. Its pretty much always on standby but on charge. Now I've come back, plugged it in, it goes to boot up then terns off. The first time I terned it on I got on the Internet then it shut down, now it will hardly boot up before it dies and the more I try the shorter it lives for, until I leave it to charge, then stays in for 1 min. I left the battery in the laptop for 4ish months when I was gone

Could this be the battery being shagged so it can't power it, or am I in the shit?


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Overheating maybe? Shorting out? Duff motherboard? Broken power charger/input so it cant actually charge...could be a number of things really, might be worth taking to a shop for an estimation but usually it works out cheaper to buy a new laptop, especially considering the age of it!

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