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Risers Or Flats?


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have recently bought an onza pro, have replaced the cable disc brakes with hydraulic ones, just wondering wether riser bars were better than flats?? also would be grateful for any website links for any trials stuff as im fairly new to this

Personally I prefer risers, but I wouldn't say they were better as such, it's all down to personal opinions. If you're running flats and the bike feels ok then there's no point in changing them; if it ain't broke don't fix it and all that. The classified section on here is good for 2nd hand bits and bobs but otherwise tarty's.

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Either are fine. It is preference choice.

Risers when angled correctly are better for your wrists as it is a more natural angle however most trials riders angle there bars so far forward that the back-sweep of the bars actually becomes up-sweep. If that is the case it is the same as using flat bars with a longer stem. If you are in the process of learning then I doubt you will notice much of a difference.

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