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Giant Stp 1 Build


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Hey guys

I have been wanting a light downhill/trail/4x bike for really long now, and I asked a few friends what would be best for me and they said get a DJ frame and just higher the seat then lower it when I'm doing jumps and stuff, so I went with that and brought a Giant stp 1 frame. Personally I think it looks great!, cant wait till I get more parts!. Also if you have any cheap parts you would like to sell me or other parts you would recommend to me that would be great!.

Here are some pics, I will update as I go along:







My questions:

1.Do I have to run bmx cranks or can I run any cranks?

2.What forks would be good for 4x and light DH?

3.What gearing would be good for ^


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mtb cranks. I have one there a lovely bike. Fork wise as has been said it all depends on budget you could run a set of 120mm travel forks on there but wouldnt really go much bigger. Look around for decent 100mm forks rockshock argyles or mazhocci 4x forks both run nice on these frames.

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