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Are Tnn Backings Supposed To Be A Pain To Get On The Piston


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you may need to put a drop of lube on the o-ring to help it slide on. They are a bit harder to get on then the clips on the plastic backings.

what o-ring there aint one?

They should stay on fine. Are you sure that you are 'clicking' them in place?

What rim brakes do you have? I used LGM with my HS33's both the older style and the newer 2011 and never had an issue.

pre05 mags and i tried on my mates 05 ones and the same problem they come loose straight away

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what o-ring there aint one?


It's the black ring you can see in the hole of the backing on the right.

It sounds to me like you aren't getting them onto the pip of the slave properly. When they aren't lubed up, it is sometimes tricky to get them over the fat part of the pip.

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