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Half A Banana!


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gut gemacht.triton rules

they absolutley do! :) This could easily be my last frame - according to people and Dmitry those frames can handle 5 years+ of hard riding and my riding is far from hard... And even if I ever get tired of this self choosen geo, I would keep this one as a piece of art and buy another Triton. After experiencing the feeling this frame gives first person, I personally would never want to ride anything else for pure trials.

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It feels like it does, but I guess buying it because of gaining height would be the wrong reason, as I don´t think you would jump noticeable higher. The best reasons to buy one is: they are fairly light (mine is 1603g with downtube reinforcement) but tank strong, custom geo and you don´t have to deal with with f**ked up threads, unaligned brakemounts. You don´t have to experiment with spacers to fit the cranks and such annoying stuff. BB and headtube are already faced... Apart from my Koxx Kenny, i had (sometimes very small, sometimes big, mostly brakemounts and/or BBshell) problems with every new frame(and i had lots, Koxx Ozonys, Coust...), but not with this one - everything was perfect from the start - they offer an outstanding build quality.

You should try one to feel if you like it - which could be difficult - I don´t think there are too many around. Price is around high end alloy frames, or a tad less. Depending on how you want the frame, best would be to contact Dmitry from tritonbikes.com - nice guy, will answer all your questiones.

3 years for a Marino - I guess that´s a hard to beat price/performance ratio!

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