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Karbon Steerer Brace Gluing Tips.

Le @ Tnn Engineering

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It sounds easy but is a little tricky these instructions will help.

Available on TNN fb http://www.facebook.com/pages/TNN-Engineering/115080868529549

Or right here.

#1 Push the star nut down just so the brace is 3mm below the top of the carbon steerer tube.

#2 Undo the stem this will allow the steerer tube to open slightly. Otherwise brace will not slide in.

#3 Wind a bolt into the brace so you can handle it more easily once it's covered in glue.

#4 Be very generous with the epoxy glue application inside the steerer tube and on the outside of the brace. Don't be concerned about excess glue it can be wiped away. It's important to fill the gap between the steerer and brace with epoxy glue.

#5 Allow 12 hrs for glue to fully cure/harden before reassembling bike and riding.

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