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Alex Dark - Zhi Video 3

Alex Dark

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Hi there! Just finished editing my third video on the zhi, I cant believe i've had it for over a year now, how time flies! really getting on with it though, mainly because of my height i thinks.

Music is my Parov Stelar, and some people may recognise the tune from elsewhere ;)

All filmed in Cornwall as usual.

I hope you enjoy, and please comment / like the video :) would be appreciated.

Cheers, Alex


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Make's me want a stock..and brakes.

You know what you need to do ;)

Great video, I still miss Cornwall!

Some beasty gaps in there mate. :D

Cheers mate! You got any plans to come down again in the future?

Enjoyed that, ALOT!

Thanks Joe, means a lot :D

Loved that! Always find your videos epic to watch. :)

Cheers mate

jump over the cat was good

great riding in there

keep it up

Hah, yeh he loves it.. cheers :)

I can't compare your style to anyone making your video all the more better to watch. Your edit,riding and music choice sucked me in so much I had to search more of your videos to keep watching Alex

Quite the compliment mate! Really appreciated :D

Such a good video in my Fav bike! <3

Ahhh thanks, its the bike not the rider ;)

Yes Alex!

Cheers Matt hopefully ride soon!

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