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Possible indoor place.  

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Hi, i live in north east england, as you may well know, there is only around 4 places in the UK where trials can be rode indoor.

I am currently trying to persuade the owner of R-KADE Skate park in Redcar who is about to renovate the place, To create a section of his skate park for trials, And im trying to prove to him how many people would ride here.

The Prices at the moment For R-KADE Are £5 for 2 hours riding, but we can use all of the park, not sure if these would go up when the park is finished.

The Plans So far, But some things will be getting tweeked.


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Depending on the park even without a trials section some are good enough to ride in.

You just have to go when its dead and use your imagination.

Putting a trials section in a skatepark is a waste of space when they could put a scooter section in like corby has to detract the scooter kids from riding the main park so much.

Its scooter kids who go to the parks all the time where as trials riders would only go occasionally when it was wet.

What I would like to see is events like the dynamix skate park did over a year ago now. If we could get a comp or jam style event every month over winter up there it would be cool!

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