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My First Trial Bike; Brakes And Bars


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Hi folks,

I decided to get a trials bike this week! Its an onza t pro with magura h33 hydraulic rim brakes.

I've been cruising around to get a feel for the bike and its been loads of fun, but the brakes need some tlc... Specifically new hoses, pads and a fluid change. Also the bike feels like its set up badly and hasn't been well maintained. So I have questions!

- how much royal blood do I need to completely refill the brakes and hoses?

- will any brake pads from tarty bikes fit my calipers or are there different sizes?

- what's the best way to clean my hubs/sprokets?

- can anyone guide me in setting the right height for the bars? I'm 5'9".

- I'm pretty heavy, around 15 stone. What tires and tubes would you suggest that are mega strong? I'm not concerned about weight right now just strength. I'll be riding only on tarmac or concrete, no dirt/rocks?

Thanks for the help. I've been lurking a while and this looks like a friendly and helpful forum :)



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Hiya mate,

1 - Honestly cant remeber how much you need completely but a 250ml would be plenty i would of thought.

2 - Any of the HS33 brake pads will fit. Recomend Cousts, Heatsinks or LGM's.

3 - For hubs i just use a cloth ram it in my wheel and rubb, for a sprocket, any general bike cleaner like muck-off will do the trick, if it does have chemicals in them just make sure it dont go near your rim.

4 - Bar height is kinda personal preferance, im about 6ft ride a mod, and have a 160mm stem on a 35 degree slope, 1 spacer, and tensile high riser bars, again play around put spacers in take some out see what feel comfy.

5 - Tyres, everyone really loves try all sticky's, perhaps maybe look at the maxis creepy crawlers as they're a lil heavier so perhaps a lil stronger.

Hope that helps, any questions jus ask...

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Definitely go for some of the pads skunky recommended and grind your rim too. Also magura have a bleed video on youtube, you will see that you don't need much oil, a small bottle should do 4-8 bleeds.

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Great! Thanks for all the input, very useful.

I'm now comfortable with sorting out my brakes although I'm not sure I want to use water... my mechanical instincts are shouting no but logic dictates I could just re-fill with royal blood if I want to. Right?

The rims are already ground, albeit not very well by the look of it. Pretty rough looking. I imagine I'll buckle a rim fairly quickly though so I can worry about that later.

Been out riding today and am getting to grips with moving my weight around on the bike and the bars don't feel as awkward as they did yesterday.

The bike came with creepy crawlers so that something else I can worry about later.

This is turning out to be pretty fun.


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