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Only in terms of determining if you want to run a freehub or not.

135's only really there because people running freehubs was the norm (as far as I can see)

With more and more people running FFW, I'd imagine theres less demand/ reason for producing 135mm spaced frames, meaning all the 135m spaced fixed hubs would just be surplus and wasted money on the manufacturer's part. Would be a way of cutting costs. All frames 116mm, only one hub spacing needed.

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Wouldn't quite agree with the above. There are very few 135mm hubs out there which actually make use of their extra width. Echo TR hubs for instance use the same shell for 135 and 116mm spacing.

The reason Echo made frames in 116mm spacing is almost certainly because Koxx did it and Echo thought it would be a smart idea to follow suit. It's not a smart idea, it's retarded and they're already aware of their mistake.

As for frames, they both have the same geometry. It's really a matter of whether you like gray or silver more. And if it's the former, you need to ask yourself whether you're a smooth rider or do you bash your bike as much as you do punctuation and spelling in the face.

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Suppose I am wrong, you are correct in saying the shells are the same. Most companies, as said went to 116mm when they saw Koxx do it. Why do you think it is 'retarded' Greetings?

Well because now if you want to change a frame, you have to change your hub too. And the spokes, and have a new wheel built. Slightly more complicated than just changing a frame. I can't see riders who own a Hope or King or any other high end hub they get along with being happy about having replace it for something inferior. They'll probably just buy a different frame. But if you need to change your hub anyway then 116mm spacing may have some minor advantages. Can't say that in the last 6 years I've ridden a stock bike I've ever had nocturnal emissions about going over to 116mm spacing.

My spelling and grammer may be crap but my riding more than makes up for it

Riding cannot make up for that.

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The reason Echo made frames in 116mm spacing is almost certainly because Koxx did it

According to Echo, it's because it's popular in China, and so they catered for that market. They then released the frames to 'the West' and got a massive backlash, but I think they'll probably end up sticking with it as it means they only need to produce 2 hubs rather than 4, therefore saving themselves money when making complete bikes. In related news:

cannot understand why Koxx have decided to go back to this.

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