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I loved my Passat, in all the time I had it it cost me an £18 airbag warning light on the dashboard, and that only failed due to someone hamfisted refitting the dash panel. The 1.9 two is a proven dinosaur of a motor that just goes.

Returned good mpg, long service intervals and just a mega comfy ride. The back end was huge, with the seats dropped it was gigantic, I slept in there a few times no trouble and I'm 6.4.

I had the B6 Passat, which I'm not sure is gonna be available for your budget unless you go spaceship mileage, but I've only ever heard good things about the B5 and B5.5 Passats, alot of them often preferred them over the later model.

Check out golf estates too, they seemed to appeal to the elderly when new so there's some really well looked after examples out there, with sensible miles on for not much money.

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That's a good point, and something I've unconsciously done with my Eunos. The car cost just under a grand and in 4 years of ownership I've put about 5.5k into it.

Seems nuts, but that's almost everything replaced including all the exterior panels, welded both sills and rear arches and had those sprayed.

I could have kept buying £1000 MX-5's and having all those issues repeated, but instead decided to gradually sort mine. Granted I'd be less inclined to do that kinda work on a "normal" car.

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just spunked nearly 1k on car insurance, but that is year 4 of 5, so hopefully this time next year i'm gloating about cheap insurance. if not i'm setting fire to a luxury vehicle parked near mine in 12 months time.

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