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How To Grind A Rim

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Tools needed

  • Angle Grinder
  • Metal/Stone grinding disk
  • Safety goggles of some kind. Swimming goggles will do.

Metal discs are more suited to deep harsh grinds whereas stone discs tend to give a lighter/medium grind. This isn't the same for everybody though, you will find the more grinds you do the more knowledge you'll have on what type of finish you want and will achieve with various setups and angles.


If this is the first time you have attempted a grind it may be worth practicing on an old wheel, it will help you get the feel of how the grinder will react in your hands once the disc touches the rim surface. You will also be able to play about with the angle you grind at and the amount of pressure you use on the rim to see what effect this has.

You can also leave the wheel in the frame or take it out, whichever you feel most comfortable with. I personally leave the wheel in the frame and the tyre on, this is not only because I'm a lazy git but also refitting a tyre post grind can leave residue on the rim wall which can affect the braking performance.

If you plan to leave the tyre fitted make sure it is let down so you can hold it away from the rim edge whilst your grinding.

So, to grind a rim

  • Let the air out of your tyre.
  • Lay your bike/wheel on the ground on its side, I usually lean the wheel on an old doormat to protect it if removed.
  • Kneel on the wheel to hold it steady and pull the tyre back from the edge where you plan to start. (Quick tip - If regrinding start from somewhere like the valve hole so you can keep track of what's already been done)
  • Go round the rim in a clockwise direction covering about 5-6" at a time, the angle is a personal preference though a steeper angle tends to give a deeper grind.

The result should look something like this.


Once completed refit the tyre/wheel and reset your brakes.


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