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definatly a stupid question


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Or if I had the back wheel left insead of right, is there a locking ring to keep a screw on sproket in place?

i think if you use a "normal" crankset as a lhd setup with a screw-on cog it´ll kill all of your threads.your sprocket would be forced to unscrew all the time you got chainload applied.a lockring would be simply rip your threads of when pushed outwards

with a lhd hub and sprocket maybe,but then its still the pedal thread problem...

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Nah, sorry I should have explained but I had little time, I've already got a lefty crank but I've bought a normal hub rear wheel, along with most other parts of a bike I'm building up, I don't yet have the cranks I want so I was wondering if I could use the crank I've already got to test the bike out, I guess its a big fat no.. ahh well.. if anyone wants lefty cranks you know where to look :)

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