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Intrincycle - Custom Anodising And Parts


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Just came across this website from a recommendation and thought I'd share it on here. A new company has started up in East Manchester doing custom anodising and as another avenue of work they can also make or modify custom/replica bike parts like spacers, bushes, topcaps, etc. Heard great things about them and they can also mirror polish bits if you're into that kind of thing so have a look on http://intrincycle.co.uk/.

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You all realize anodizing is a pretty easy to do in one's own garage?

Ah but we're talking about anodising, completely different ;)

In all honesty, a lot of people aren't set up to strip and polish parts properly, neither do they have the time/knowledge/inclination to set up a bath, heater, power supply, cathode/anode and electrolyte when they can send small individual parts off to be anodised for a fraction of the cost of the setup. Granted if you have loads of items to do then it starts becoming worthwhile :)

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