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Freewheel not engaging


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So after about 15 days of not riding my bike I finally got to use it again and I got quite a surprise, the freewheel wasn't engaging at all! After a few spins of the cranks backwards I could hear the noise of one of the pawls engaging and clicking but it's definitely NOT how it used to be, the sound it makes now it's just a faint sound of what it used to be; I'm afraid of riding like this because I don't know if some of the pawls aren't engaging.

Freewheel is an echo SL 108 clicks, about 2 months old.

Any ideas what could it be? I'm willing to buy a new freewheel it's just that I don't know if it's ride-able like this. Thanks in advance!

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Sounds like it might just need some lube to free it up again - if you've got some spray lube you can just spray that into the gap between the outer and the freewheel body.

Just tried that thanks! It actually started to come back to life again; thanks a lot!

Any ideas why this happens and anything I can do to prevent it in the future?

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