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Anyone Got Experience With Cannondale Headshoks?


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Has anyone on here had much experience riding with or adjusting/servicing Cannondale Headshoks? Got an old (99) Cannondale frame off here the other week and I'm trying to decide what to run up front. I obviously want to keep it in keeping with the age of the frame to retain the correct geometry and I've always wanted a Headshok fork but is it more trouble than it's worth? Would I be better sourcing some old Rockshox or Marzocchis (spelling?)?

If people think I should go for a different fork what kind would you recommend?

The frame in question is a bit of a mystery, the lad I got it off picked it up as part of a deal from a local bike shop, the frame number shows it's a 99 model CAAD3 frame with a disc mount, the catalogue would put it as either a F700 or F900 though neither came in red so I'm lost!

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i think its a 96/97 model as you describe it:


if its a headshok headtube,i think theres no way to mount a normal fork and vice versa?

headshok involves those huge needle roller bearings afaik

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I had a the very bike back in the day yellow 99 f700 head shock was f**ked after a few months ended up getting a set of Manitou answer spyder forks for it (elastomers lol) with reducer cups to fit an ordinary headset if i remember correctly they were cane creek reducers. Always keep an eye on the pannier bolt area of the seat stay wish bone, this is where that particular model tends to crack and fail.

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I can understand that, the paint has actually peeled off that bit so the plan is to strip the rest and get it redone. It has got reducers already fitted but I tried searching for pictures of a cannondale running something other than a headshock or lefty but couldn't find a thing! Mainly looking to see if they look good or daft!

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