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Mary-le-Port ('Mini Lloyds' & Castle Park) Redevelopment

Mark W

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If you've ever been to Bristol, chances are you'll have ridden either 'Mini Lloyds' (either the hipped flatbank with subrail or the walls/steps/bank-to-rail further up the hill), the little walls/gaps setups tucked away around the back of the building or the bigger walls by St. Peters Church further along in Castle Park. Unfortunately, due to money making the world go round, those areas are part of a proposed redevelopment. The specific areas they're aiming to redevelop are highlighted below in Blue and Red.


I know campaigning/petitioning is nothing new and there are thousands of ePetitions and the like online now, but Bristol Council tried doing a similar thing back in 2006 and were forced to back down after significant public backlash. When I rode Bristol last Saturday there were people handing out leaflets and putting flyers up so it seems that that grassroots campaign is back in action again, but now with the additional support of people online.

Again, I know ePetitions are everywhere and people constantly ask people to sign them, but it seems like this one genuinely could have an impact on stopping the destruction of some legendary spots. They're a staple of any Bristol ride and have been in countless videos, and it'd be a shame for them to disappear. If you'd like to sign the ePetition someone's set up to try and halt or alter this redevelopment, get involved here. You fill in the details, then get e-mailed a confirmation message. You need to click the confirmation link in that e-mail for it to register. It only takes 30secs to do from start to finish, but it could have an impact on what happens there.

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Done (my confirmation email came into my junk mail folder, so be aware of that if you are waiting for it)

Castle park is a great riding spot and just one of those unique places that all members of the public seem to co-exist with no trouble at all and all just enjoy the green space. Great place, wish there was somewhere like that in Leeds.

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