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Fork replacement


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Hi just a quick question on reliability of an inspired fork (Im not trying to give a bad reputation to inspired, i love my Hex and the rest of thier products!!! (Just thought i would set the straight.))

I've been running an Inspired Team fork for a little over a year, and i am skeptical on an Aluminium fork lasting longer, is that just old superstition or do you guys replace the fork regularly? Before i was running a DMR trailblade (heavy, but strong as ....) I do all kinds of riding on it street, ramp and trial. Its mainly riding ramps that has me worried, coming down from airs landing front wheel first feels kinda flexing...

Thanks in advance for good replies...

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mine has been great for nearly 2 years now. cant fault them besides their weightiness compared to other forks.

I have had trial tech for a while now too, got my 1st pair in hs33 mount only they are second hand from ali c and prawn, big riders, and i rocked them for 2 years. then bought another pair to replace them. and where they cracked last time they have smooth welded. problem solved? hopefully. but i love these forks, they are very stiff which sucks for taps, but im running high bb now so pedal ups is the preferred method. so not really a problem now. really recommend the trial techs, they have seen some shit.

the inspired are good too.

this is coming from a guy who went through 5 pair of forks in a year once! several urbans and killed zoo forks in 3 days! but tbf i was running a 203 bb7 on the front...

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The only problem with forks from DMR and other jump/mtb companies is that the steerer will often be far too short for a Trialsy bike.

I guess it wouldn't be as much of a problem on a Hex as you usually use less stackers but for 24" riders there not ideal.

Edit: Also the axle to crown length is usually longer to match up to the size of sus forks which raises the BB of the bike compared to Inspired forks.

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