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Some clips from Cardiff street and barrow farm


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Great riding Dave how's the leg from barrow ? And yes that's is me rocking my lads mini master haha lmao

thanks very much, yea fine now. just a shin dig.. good days riding. shame i couldnt capture all of it on camera

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nothing amazing? dude am I missing something, mostly all of that looked pretty special to me!

Thanks, just not my best riding. Actually done sOme sweet lines at barrow that day that I was chuffed with as they were some of my best lines iv progressed to. Typical I didn't film any.

Got the camera out at the end of the day there really.

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Find someone who can film :P I had to turn it off after a minute as it was annoying having you cut out of most clips!

Yea that's annoying, the raw clips didn't have that!

Some thing went wrong when I edited them. It's turned out like that. No idea what setting I need to change to get them back either.

pretty narrow,isnt it?

run mine at 710mm(uncut),and theyre a tad too short,my syntace VRO had 740 and were perfect,too less rise though

Urm yea suppose so there are plenty who run them narrower than mine. I find it's nice. Personal preference I suppose

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Gap at 2.45..

I hope you got that at some point..Even ive done that gap. Pinned and everything hahah

Think I gave up on that to front, grass was wet and my front tyre was slick. Your my hero joe.

Does getting it to rear count ?

Enjoyed that Dave, just a shame the filming doesn't match the quality of the riding.

Sorry about that, next ones going to better I hope

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