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iPhone repairs

Duncy H

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My lock button and flash broke on my iphone 5 but I didn't have time to get it replaced. I then managed to drop and smash the screen after and now they'll only replace it if I give them £209 quid!

Anybody had experience with fiddling with iPhones themselves? I fancy the idea of puttin a new screen on and top button myself if it isn't too hard a job?

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On my 4s there was a bloody good tutorial on youtube showing you EVERY step. Easy enough if you take your time. I heard the 5 is more difficult though. My only gripe was the cheap screen I bought. The contrast was terrible compared to a genuine one (you get used to it I suppose) and the tools supplied were nasty - they were too big to even fit in the screws etc.

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if you have experience with electronics fixing and you would be happy to fix it then you should consider it

what experience do you have about fixing stuff?

you should consider, that you might make it far more worst, and it would be cheaper to fix it for £200 (speaking by experience)

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