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Progress edit - Progress since June 2013


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Well, I got my bike fully built up in June this year and this is my progress thus far. Watching these clips alone has shown me a great deal of areas I can improve on when comparing them to other riders on the forum.

Just wondering what you guys think and if you have any valueable tips for me! Thanks


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looking good.

all i can say is practice practice practice and you will find moves will develop and your become more fluid.

watch as many vid's as you can and ride. thats all i do.

Exactly that. :) That's my vision on trials. I have nobody I can ride with regularly so I'm on my own. Videos help me out a LOT! I'm far from fluid though, but I'm confident that will come over time.

How many hours a day do you ride? Because your way better than me, I got my bike in july.

First off; I don't ride everyday. Sometimes my schedule doesn't allow it, sometimes the weather hates me. I'd say I ride about 3-5 times a week depending on how busy I am and what the weather's like. Also I don't keep time when I'm riding. Sometimes I go out, break something after an hour and go home. Other days I stay out for about 2-3 hrs. I've never been longer than 3 hrs though. I'm a smoker (need to quit BADLY) and I can't keep up. I do have to mention I barely take breaks in between, I just keep going til I drop.

Also, what kind of flattened my learning curve was confidence. As for the 'jump to back wheel', seen when I'm on the two blocks. I only tried that yesterday, and it seemed to work immediatly just because my mind was set on it.

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