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Nepal biketrials Joachim Skjævestad


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Thanks guys! Glad you liked it.
Already posted this on observedtrials, but here is some more info for you aswell:
I hadn't heard if it was good or not to ride trials in Nepal before i went there, but I figured that since there is lots of mountains there, it should also be a lot of rocks there. So I arrived in the capital, Kathmandu, which was terrible for trials riding because of all the people and cars there. So I jumped on a bus to Pokhara where I took a taxi for an hour or so and then started walking towards Annapurna Base Camp (which is 4130 meters above sea level). After I had been walking for 3 days through a jungle i ended up at the Base Camp. Most of the footage in the video is filmed at an altitude between 3000 and 4130 meters, on the base camp and in the rivers below the base camp.
I heard from the locals that I was the first person ever to bring a bike all the way up to The Annapurna Base Camp, which I think is a little bit fun. ;P
I also just randomly met this German guy who soon became my Video- and photographer. He joined me for a week or so, filming me in the mountains and in the streets of Pokhara!
Already looking foreward to my next trip to some stupid place to do some more trials riding!
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