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My onza limey 320


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Hey guys! I just thought I'd show you my limey after my previous post, I finally was as to get some half decent pictures :P spec is as follows-

Onza limey 320 frame

Shimano bb

Onza pro cranks+ bash ring

Trialtech pedals

KMC chain

Tryall "H" disc hub laced to a tryall rim, with tryall sticky tires front and rear

Tryall 3d forged stem

Trialtech high rise bars

Echo sl forks

Trialtech foam grips

2013 shimano BL-M395 hydraulic disc brakes front and rear

Echo sl 108 click freewheel

Feedback welcome :D






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Decently actually, they hold rather nicely. Might switch to a 2014 hs33 on the rear as the disc rotor bolts keep coming undone, no matter how much force I use- but I'm gonna try some different bolts first ;)

Can support this. The pads knock is quite prominent, on mine at least, but I get away with using them on 160 rotors on my Kona XC rig in a trialsy way.

Good budget brakes for sure, Id imagine they'd be decent on a mod.

Mine are on avid discs.. get yourself some decent rotors and you'll be fine with those

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