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Nothing to do at work situation


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So I have this ridiculously tedious office job. There’s eight people in my team and it’s purely sit at a computer and upload stuff or whatever. The problem is that there is very little work, an eight people team is in no way necessary and a lot of the time we’re waiting around for an email with work to come through. When I finish my work, I say to the manager if there’s anything else I can do and she pretty much says no. So I pretty much go on the internet and mess around on it which I know is irresponsible and what not but if I’ve asked for more work and been told there is none, what else should I do?

I’m not some kind of lazy expect to get paid for nothing person, and I know the others have said the same thing about there’s nothing for us to do. When I got offered an extension (this is temp stuff) I said this to the manager and she said she’d try and give me more stuff but that never happened. I raised this again and same thing. I’m pretty amazed that the majority of this team hasn’t been made redundant to be honest.

But one of the others said I should be careful about going on the internet so much so I’m thinking now if this gets brought up to me by the manager I’m just going to quit because I don’t know what else I can do but sit and watch an empty inbox which can literally be for up to a couple hours at a time.

Rambly, but what would you guys do?

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2) Do whatever you like

3) ?????

4) Profit

That wouldn't look suspicious :P

I had turned down my first extension but they offered me it again and I had said 'there's pretty much nothing to do' which was when they said they'd give me more stuff but there just isn't the work for the people there. I spoke to my manager and the manager above at that point and they said they could train me in some other stuff but now I'm trained there's still very little.

Other people pretty much do the same or just stare at their empty inbox. It's a depressing place.

Did you post this to another forum before us? :(

Never, I just wrote it as an email so they wouldn't see me on a bike forum when I posted it at work :P

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Im too busy playing with trains so I never find myself locking my office door and falling asleep on the self inflating mattress someone left in my office. Theres an electrical fault too so the lights flicker off for hours at a time.

Nah im too busy!

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