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How to make a Spoke Tensioner...

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super light, indestructible and can save your ffw some suffering....

wrote enough thought i'd dump it in here.

get a few spokes, ideally as long as possible (roady length ***)

This doesn't work for pro2s, or other freehubs, you want a normal fixed hub so the spoke doesn't use it's length wrapping round the freehub and theres not enough room between the frame and hub to really fit it in there nicely

find somewhere on the frame to hook the spoke. so it sits above your hub; make a 'hook' with the spoke (use "J" end, the extra flat bit will help hook the spoke) ideally find a hole in the dropout or hook it into the join where your chain and seat stays meet.

then wrap it over and around your hub. get it as tight as you can, and as close the the frame as possible so it can't catch between the chain and sprocket.

it should then be aiming back towards your cranks/bb.

at this point i have ziptied the lower part of the spoke to the frame, leaving the top half free from the ziptie (so i can unhook the tensioner if the wheel has to come out)

bend the spoke away from the frame, so that it crosses over the chain line.

bend the spoke back in line with the chain at the point that it crosses over.

bend the spoke downwards so it will push into the chain. bend it quite alot so it has a lot of spring to it.

bend the tip of the spoke back upwards so it doesn't hook into the chain.

takes alot of trial and error, and comes down to luck an experience.

be realistic about how much tension you expect it to give; if you chain looks like it could loose half a link, the spoke won't be up the task of keeping everything together, i use it on a bike with horizontal dropouts to take up that one loose spot that FFW causes.

will add images if that doesn't make sence...

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This needs some pics!

I think if you put a spacer between the hub and the frame you can make a gap big enough to loop a spoke around when using a Pro2 or similar.

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Yeah I used one with a pro 2, just need a spacer or 2

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