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Charge Cooker SS

Luke Dunstan

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Hello guys. Doing this whole Ride to Work thing at work through Evans. This bike (http://www.evanscycles.com/products/charge/cooker-ss-2014-mountain-bike-ec054210) Has caught my eye But for the price the components look so damn cheap.

My other option which has caught my eye is Pinnacle Ramin (http://www.evanscycles.com/products/pinnacle/ramin-one-2015-mountain-bike-ec071312). Have to wait a week or so but that's not an issue.

I just would really like to get a single speed if possible but not sure if it's worth the money?


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I've got a 3 mile commute. Which if I feel lively can be all XC or all road. I've done a 12 mile round trip commute on a 24" BMX before and didn't struggle. The Mrs has got me second guessing myself because of my age and the fact she lives up a steep hill.

I don't think it's worth £699 RRP that's quoted on their site, but at the same time with the discount I got through the Ride to Work scheme I don't mind, plus there are plenty of parts which I want to change and personalise myself.

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Well if you let me know which parts you are changing I may take them off your hands

Will do, found some semi-decent pedals in the garage so that's that sorted.

Rode home last night and felt the fear ratio just a touch light, just afraid that if I change that it will be too difficult to climb hills.

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